Ocean Coast Film Festival 2023


Special Guests

Festival Program


November 17 - 4:00 PM - Workshop - José Pedro Lopes

A cinema workshop aimed at the younger audience, where they can learn how to create movie. This workshop will be held at the EB2,3 Dr. José Domingues dos Santos School, in Lavra

November 17 - 9:00 PM - Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony of the 6th edition of the Ocean Coast Film Festival. This gala will feature a red carpet, local project presentations, music, dance performances, and the screening of the festival's grand prize-winning project. The ceremony will be hosted by comedian Ricardo Leite.

November 18 - 11:00 AM - Virtual Coffee Talk - Inside Filmmaking Interview with Daniel Sousa

We interview Daniel Sousa, director of the documentary short 'Passos Perdidos'.

November 18 - 2:00 PM - Masterclass - Filming what's around us - José Paulo Santos

A masterclass aimed towards filmmakers and film students, presented by José Paulo Santos, director of the documentary "Panreal", winner of hundreds of awards nationally and internationally.

November 18 - 4:30 PM - Short Film Session: International

International short film session:
Bonding - USA
Sand Mama - USA/Portugal
Cetaceans of the Shelf - Australia
A Dangerous Journey - Switzerland/Maldives
Curl - Sweden
Tigereyes - Austria
We Love Work - UK
Trapped by Plastic - Belgium
Takbir - Spain
Lapavooni - Finland

November 18 - 6:00 PM - Short Film Session: Portugal

National short film session:
Regresso à casa de partida antes que a partida seja definitiva - Portugal
Bégan - Portugal
Passos Perdidos - Portugal
Eddy - Portugal
Monte Clérigo - Portugal

November 18 - 7:30 PM - Networking Event (Limited to credential holders)

Networking opportunity for filmmakers and event guests.

November 18 - 9:00 PM - Movie: 'Tomorrow' by Kellen Gibbs

'A young girl struggles to get back home when she starts inexplicably waking up as a different person everyday.' At the end of the film, there will be a question and answer session with the film's director, Kellen Gibbs.